Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Attitudes Adjusted-- No Waiting

Well, sometimes there is a bit of a wait, actually.

The naughty boys (and girls) of Denver do keep me busy and sometimes it can be a day or two before everyone gets his or her turn for some bare bottom attention over my knee.

And,  of course, the wait is almost a punishment in itself. The nerves,  the dread,  the uncertainty...

Which begs the age old question: is it better to know exactly what you have coming or to face a bit more uneasiness and yet still have hope that it might not be as bad as you think?

Is it enough to just know that you're going to be scolded, your pants will be pulled down and going to get a very thorough spanking that is going to leave your poor little bottom very red, very hot, and you very,  very sorry?

Or do you need to know that I'm going to spank you with my wooden hairbrush? A ruler? A stingy little paddle? Maybe even your own belt?

Do you really want to know?