Monday, February 9, 2009

Whipped Husband

So I was just killing a bit of time and playing with some online trivia on mental floss when I came across a posting about popular yet mistranslated oriental symbols people commonly get as tattoos.

The third one down is titled "whipped husband". Now that immediately caught my interest. It turns out that while many people think the symbol means simply "husband" it actually means a husband who has taken his wife's name. Interesting. And while probably not what most vanilla folks would want if they understood the meaning, it occurs to me that there could be some very kinky applications of the symbol.

I don't really approve of tattoos, but for those of you who do have a liking for them it occurs to me that the symbol could be used to secretly declare your decision to have a female head of household, or metaphorically declare your submission to your wife or partner's discipline.

If you prefer to leave your skin unmarred, the symbol could be discretely displayed as a wall hanging or plaque in the bedroom or possibly even your living room. I would guess that if most people asked you could make up your own meaning for it, "oh it means peace" or "harmony" or "marital bliss"...all of which tend to be the results of well practiced DD.

Happy inking.

Ms. Betty

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Anonymous said...

if my mistress wife tells me to get this i will